Peripheral Neuropathy


Neuropathy Pain Relief A Breakthrough Neuropathy Treatment

The TeslaMax is a breakthrough technology for peripheral neuropathy relief that is changing lives across the world. The TeslaMax uses a proprietary form of alternating current (AC) to stimulate deep, painless muscle contractions in neuropathy-affected areas. These muscle contractions work to increase local circulation, improve lymphatic drainage, and stimulate nerves — all of which improve the body’s natural ability to repair damaged nerves. Direct current (DC)-based muscle stimulators like TENS and most other muscle stim units use direct current at higher amperage levels, which can painfully sting and even burn the skin while only creating weak muscle contractions. The TeslaMax, on the other hand, uses Tesla-Based Technology to penetrate even the deepest muscle fibers for an experience that is unlike anything patients have tried before. It is hard to understand just how profound the difference is between the TeslaMax and other neuropathy treatments until you try it for yourself.


Why Use the TeslaMax for Peripheral Neuropathy?

Most muscle stimulators cannot produce anything more than weak muscle contractions, but the TeslaMax is different. Using proprietary Tesla-Based Technology™, the TeslaMax produces very strong — yet totally painless — muscle contractions in the legs, feet, and other areas affected by peripheral neuropathy. These deep muscle contractions dramatically improve local circulation and remove excess fluid build-up (edema). Restoring healthy blood flow and pushing out edema provides an optimal environment for the body so it can repair the nerve damage that causes neuropathy. The deeper the muscle contractions, the more dramatic the improvement in blood flow and lymphatic drainage; that’s exactly what you get with the TeslaMax.


What is Peripheral Neuropathy?

Neuropathy is weakness, shooting pain, tingling, numbness, and sensitivity that occurs as a result of nerve damage.  Peripheral means “on the outside,” and peripheral neuropathy refers to neuropathy that affects the nerves carrying information from the brain and spinal cord (central nervous system) out to the rest of the body. You can get neuropathy in the hands and feets, and it can move further up the limbs as it progresses.

Common Symptoms

•    Numbness, loss of feeling
•    Tingling or a feeling of “pins and needles”
•    Shooting, jabbing, or burning pain
•    Extreme sensitivity to touch
•    Muscle weakness
•    Slowed reflexes
•    Loss of coordination, difficulty walking
•    Difficulty maintaining balance
•    Sensations of cold when feet or hands are not actually cold to the touch


Common Causes

Diabetes: Neuropathy relief if most often needed in people with diabetes. Because neuropathy leads to loss of feeling, diabetics may injure their feet without knowing it. These injuries can turn into ulcers (open wounds) that heal very slowly or not at all because of the lack of blood flow. High blood sugar can injure nerve fibers but can also cause neuropathy by damaging the small vessels in the hands and feet. This leads to impaired circulation, and nerve damage can follow. Many diabetics also have edema (swelling from fluid build-up) in the feet, which can also decrease blood flow to tissues and put pressure on nerves. Typically, diabetic neuropathy begins in the feet and moves up the legs as it progresses. Eventually, the hands and arms can be affected as well. For diabetics, peripheral neuropathy symptoms are often symmetrical, meaning they are felt equally on both sides. The increase in obesity has lead to a need for more efficient diabetic nerve pain treatment.


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