Introducing Teslamax

The TeslaMax is the worlds only HIGH VOLTAGE, LOWAMPERAGE AC output Neuromuscular Electric Stimulator.
A high voltage, low amperage signal is sent to the muscle causing anextremely strong contraction. That contraction increases bloodflow by 300-500%! This means 300-500% more Oxygen &NO2 and 3-5X more red & white blood cells, and nutritionbeing delivered to the foot!
As we know with the diabetic the red bloodcells tend to become firm and clump together.When the reach the lower leg the body is nolonger strong enough to push enough redblood cells through the capillaries to deliveroxygen to the lower limb. When the blood isforced into and area where there capillarieshave been closed off, the new blood flowcauses the body to form new capillaries. Thisalso forces blood to feed the nerves and youhave the start of nerve regeneration.
Most patients can feel the effects after a few treatments. It is common to see granulationoccur by the third treatment. 


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