About Us

Since establishing FOOT Efx in 2003 we have had the opportunity to help people with foot, knee, hip and back pain with our over the counter inserts, and also have been lucky to work with the diabetic population in preventing ulcers through correct fitting diabetic shoes and diabetic inserts. While we have been able help thousands of patients, one problem that has always left me, and my franchisees feeling helpless is peripheral neuropathy. While it may not seem a “big deal” to have numb feet for someone who have never experienced the pain, it is a “big deal”. It can lead loss of sleep because of burning or cold feet, pain while walking, the loss of the ability to walk, foot ulcers and possible even amputation. And the frustrating part is there was no effective treatment for the disease, just the symptoms. 

In my research about perpherial neuropathy I came across a technology that takes an old idea, AC power, and uses it to “push” blood to the foot. The results that come from the Tesla Max I describe as miraculous, but many of our patients just say it is a miracle! 

Please take a moment and look through the site. If you have any questions drop me an email, steve@footefx.com and I will be happy to assist you in any way I can. 

If you feel this would be a benefit to your practice and patients please also email me, steve@footefx.com and we can set an appointment for you to see the Tesla Max in action. 

Steven Lebow, Pedorthist